It has been frequently said that Studebaker people have spent the last 4 decades in a parallel universe. Perhaps. We've developed our own super/turbo technology and recorded it in detail in our own technical manual. Not a picture book of megabuck race cars and exotic out-of-reach technology, but 260+ pages of no-nonsense technical material put together for backyard mechanics with average tools and skills. Used turbos are cheap and plentiful in the wrecking yards these days! They can be installed on just about any car with a carburetor, either Blow-Thru or Draw-Thru the carb, and exhaust driven in the usual manner or converted over to belt drive for 4's and small 6's.

21st Century technology! Don't get the idea that because we advocate inexpensive do-it-yourself installations that this is low boost, low tech material. While the factories and aftermarket still promote 50's 6-7 psi boost levels, our book shows you how to build systems that operate at 15-18 psi and beyond. The problems that plague most factory turbo cars and aftermarket turbo kits at higher boosts have long been solved with affordable state-of-the-art solutions. Poor throttle response, slow spool-up, overheated charge, and detonation have solutions not found in any of the older turbocharger books sold elsewhere.

No costly exotic parts to buy. The turbochargers come from junk yards and $75 will usually buy a good one. The other parts needed can be purchased at a local hardware, builder, or industrial suppliers rather than megabuck aftermarket super/turbo dealers.

The most information anywhere and always the latest technology. Unlike other super/turbo books that carry material written years ago, 21st Century Turbo is constantly updated, with many pages revised or added every month. And there are two ways to keep your material constantly upgraded even after you buy the book:

Four Internet groups support the mass of material found in our book. Each specializes in specific areas to meet the needs of readers: Blow-Thru, Draw-Thru, McPax, and Terminator. The first two groups cover the carb system. The McPax group contains hard-to-find information on McCulloch and Paxton Superchargers. The Terminator group is limited to our new small supercharger development and experimental compressed air/C02 systems driven independently of the engine to produce exceptional low rpm boost.

Our Technical Newsletter has been published at least 8 or 10 times a year since the early 70's. It covers the latest technical developments and upgrades for the more serious members -- some have been subscribers since the first issue. Not recommended unless you have our book and have read it thoroughly. The Internet groups can provide most people with updates and advice.

The most bang for the buck you can find in the high performance hobby today. Nothing else comes close to super/ turbocharging!

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