These groups are operated to provide members with technical information on blowers. They are formulated to bring people of similar super/turbo interests together to exchange information not readily available elsewhere. They are open to all and the only restriction is that discussions center around carburetors rather than fuel injection. There are groups that specialize in fuel injection and many bar discussions on carburetors, which is specifically the reason for forming our own carb-only groups:

BLOW-THRU TURBO: Our Blow-Thru group is the oldest and largest with nearly 600 members and 4000 technical posts in the archives. Blowing through the carburetor is a system used from the early 50's on McCullochs, then Paxtons, and factory supercharged 50s Kaisers, Fords and 50s-60s Studebakers. Its the best system for moderate boost street cars, but capable of handling 18-20 psi WITHOUT a carb box (Carburetor enclosure). I suggest starting here and then moving to our other Yahoo groups if appropriate:

DRAW-THRU: Draw- thru-the-carb systems were introduced on small GM cars (Corvair, Olds) in the early 60's and carried through to the early 80's on V-6 Buick turbos. Its major advantage is that it can operate under unlimited boost -- over 200 psi boost have been used at tractor pulls. Its disadvantage is that it suffers from throttle lag and slow spool-up, and cannot use intercooling, but solutions are given in our super/turbo book.

McCulloch/Paxton Superchargers: This group was formed to store parts, service, and installation information on these long running blowers that is becoming increasingly harder to find.

TERMINATOR SYSTEMS: This group is exclusively for our belt and compressed air/C02 driven turbo blowers as they all share the same basic design and technology, and development is constant. Not recommended if you haven't read our super/ turbocharger book.

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