21st Century Turbo is the offspring of a Paxton supercharger dominated Studebaker organization dating back to the 60's, In the' early 80 ''s we .moved into AMC's, Jeeps, and turbocharging, necessitating name 'changes along the way. In the mid-'90's we went' multi--:marque with the introduction of the 21st Century newsletter and` Super/Turbo book. We are the oldest, most experienced "independents" in the blower industry, and also the' largest with.over 1800 pages of text, photos,, and drawings imprint on, the above. There are other differences to be noted:

CONSTANT'. UPDATING: Over the decades we have developed one of the best tech info systems around, as new developments are added to this: material as soon as they can be printed., This has a downside -= no indexing. Time and cost considerations prevent updating and reprinting an index every time new tech material is, added. I.t would slow -the addition of new material to °a crawl

DON'T LOOSE-' VALUABLE MATERIAL: The lack of an index dictates a different approach. Underline or accent mark (information important to your project and make notes in the margins°. And read over, the. whole book as there are literally hundreds of bits and pieces of valuable material hidden in these articles.

CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT: Unlike others who rely on decades old' super/turbo technology, we are constantly testing and developing" better, lower. cost ways of. achieving more boost and power. Our newsletters bring this information to you on a regular basis.

YAHOO GROUPS: For, 'faster updates and questions, you can go: to the appropriate group below. Caution: These groups` have hundreds of members, with ,varying' amounts of experience and knowledge so the quality of information can range from good to very poor.
(Higher..than 20':psi boosts/belt-drive turbos, experimental)
(General blow-thru tutbocharging under 20 psi boost)
(McCulloch/Paxton supercharging)

Dick Datson, Editor

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