Pictures from the

Fall Run to Mt. Vernon
November 2 & 3, 2002

The Fall Run
by Brenda Hylton

breakfast at the Golden Corral

It was a beautiful, crisp fall day when we met at the Golden Corral for our traditional breakfast at the start of the Fall Run, this year to Mt. Vernon. Like bees to honey we entered the Corral and filled our tummies. Then we got on the road. There were six couples on this run -- the Moellers, Pillers, Ayers, Vallees, Hunycutts and the Hyltons. We had two Avantis, two Studebakers, and two Brand-Xers.

rest stop

We stopped at most of the rest areas going up
and, of course, drew lots of attention and comments.

The leaves were beautiful;
a perfect day for a fall Run.

We arrived at Mt. Vernon around1:00 pm and started the tour. The grounds at Mt. Vernon are spacious and well kept. They are always painting and restoring, as needed. Upon entering the house, you're taken by groups through it. The first room was the dining room. This room was a lovely shade of green with white trim and the ceiling was decorated with frescoes depicting some part of the farm. Washington was a surveyor, soldier, President, farmer and, at one time, a judge. By looking at the ceiling in the dining room and the trim work with its ears of corn, it was plain to see that farmer was his favorite occupation. This was my pick of the rooms. The others were nice.

They are in the process of building a greenhouse and it looks like it wil be beautiful and will fit right in with the decor.


The Kitchen Stove

Potomac River

View of the Potomac River from the rear portico

Washington's livery

Washington's "wheels" predate the Studebaker Brothers carriage business

After the tour we went back to the motel, a Best Western (very nice, too!) (Thank you Brenda), and freshened up, got our bearings, then went to Ruby Tuesday's for supper. Dalton and I split a double calorie/cholesterol strawberry delight and our waistlines have not yet recovered. The next morning we left via Rt. 95 with "Method to our Madness" to lunch at Lowery's Seafood in Gloucester. Somewhere along the way we misplaced/got disconnected from/lost Brenda and Janet. After several calls we finally got through to them and were able to get together for the meal.

The Gang at Mt. Vernon

The Gang at Mt. Vernon

All in all it was a great fall Run with several memorable moments--
some for "the Book" (but Raymond wasn't there!)

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