1929 Commander Victoria

The following is the text of an email I received from Abe Injeian of Anaheim, CA, regarding selling his father's 1929 Studebaker. He provided the photos and a contact number, and the car is located in Hoschton, GA, so I'm sure after talking to him you could go look at it if you are interested.


Click here to see the photos:

Restored during the 1980's by my father and grandfather who was a master car mechanic. Both were avid antique car enthusiasts. My father was obsessed with using nothing but all original parts most of which he sourced through advertisements in Hemming's Motor News. It has always been stored in enclosed garages. It currently resides in my sister's garage in Hoschton, GA.

Interior: Upholstery is new / mohair. Back seat behind driver is complete with arm rest / booze stash box. Everything else from Gauges, knobs etc are original Studebaker parts. There is no ignition key. My understanding was the part was not available. In it's place is a simple on/off switch on the steering column. When in the ON position all you need to do is depress the starter pedal on the floor. For all i know this was standard. The crank system for opening the front windshield works perfectly. Windshield wiper is intact. The rubber blade is a bit dried out

Exterior: Paint was done during the restoration and is in decent condition. There is no rust or damage on the body. Wood spoke wheels are in great shape. Tires are being supported by 4 jack stands on the axles. All tires hold air, but having not driven the car in so long it is hard to say what their driving condition is. All windows are in good shape. No breaks or cracks. Roof is completely intact.

Power Train: Straight 6 cylinder engine. The car has not been operated in about 14 years. The last issue it had was either in the distributor or a solenoid in the ignition system. Outside of that when it did run it was a joy to drive. Plenty of good power coming out of that engine. I also loved the labor involved with no power steering. Transmission is a standard H 3 speed. Ignition timing controls are located in the center of the steering wheel. When the restoration was complete the original odometer read 59104. In the photos you will see the odometer reading at 61626. My father who was a retired physician put those couple thousand miles on the car by dedicating it's use to local parades and charity events through an antique car club he founded in the early 1980s and the local Shriner, Masons, and Rotary Clubs he belonged to.

In 2004 we received an appraisal of $14,000.00 for this car in the same condition. Unfortunately I do not have record of that appraisal as it was lost when cleaning out my father's house when he passed. All I can give is my word. I'm sure the people in your organization will have a good sense of the car's worth. $14,000.00 is the price we are asking and our family is willing to be somewhat flexible on this within reason. Whomever the buyer is will need to pick up and transport the vehicle to its final destination. If shipping is required we would happily help coordinate the pick up if the buyer will cover the cost of transport. I have also included the photo named "Original Condition" which shows the car in its original condition when my father purchased it.

Abe Injeian
cell: 714-865-7840