Classified Ads- October 2014

63' Daytona Wagonaire. California black plate car, whatever that is,. A/T, PDB, P/S, 289, 4bl., power tail gate window, NO rust that I have found. Too much new and NOS to list.  A very nice car that needs to go to a Stude guy who understands them. Very reasonable at $11,500 to finance my 64' R1 Hawk.  423-593-6351 Lanny McNabb. Dunlap, Tn.

Pictures here.

Studebaker Parts for sale. Both new and used; I can offer these for less than the out-of-town dealers. I also stock ZDDPlusTM oil additive to replace the zinc that older engines need, but which has been eliminated from modern motor oils. Contact Dan Miller, 770.932.1615; email: (7/2011)

Some Thoughts on Restoring a Studebaker
This is a 99 page book based on the articles of the same name that appeared in Turning Wheels in the early 1990s and which won the SDC's Churchill Award for Best Article, Non-Paid. The book contains all the material from the original series, which ran for a year and a half in The Hillholder, and not only replaces some material edited out for the TW series, but has updates and several new items that were written after the TW series was published.

"Some Thoughts" is aimed at the first-time restorer, but will be of value to the more experienced; it doesn't try to be a "how to restore a car book", but gives you a look at the decision-making processes, tools, spaces and basic skills you'll need to do a restoration, and will provide a framework to help you structure your project.

There are several chapters of Studebaker-specific advice. In the chapter devoted to engine rebuilding, I've tried to describe a step-by-step process that anybody can follow, and I've tried to include tips I've picked up in building 60+ engines. I've received many compliments on the engine chapter, and I'm glad to finally be able to get it in print.

Some Thoughts on Restoring a Studebaker is available for $22.50 USD, plus $4 for handling and postage, for a total of $26.50 to US addresses. Canadian orders add $6.50 USD for postage, total $29.00 USD. To order a second book in the same order, add an additional $3 ($4 USD for Canadian orders). For Australia and Europe, shipping is $12, total $34.50 USD paid by PayPal only.

The easiest way to purchase (and the only way if you are in Australia or Europe) is to PayPal the appropriate amount to me at, and mention Some Thoughts in the remarks section. Otherwise, if you live in the US or Canada, send your name, mailing address and a check or USPS money order for $26.50 ($29.00 USD bank draft for Canadian buyers) to:

Chuck Lampman
4141 Lynette Ct.
Kennesaw, GA. 30144-2293

If mailing payment, please email me at the address shown here to notify me that the check is coming so I can set one aside for you, or get some more printed. (I try not to keep too big an inventory because they are expensive to stock.) (7/2011)