1963 Studebaker Lark Regal for sale

email Kenny Jackson at: jacksonkenny8@gmail.com
Cell: 404-379-0099

We are the second owner of the car. My wife's Grandpa bought it new and we still have the paperwork. I believe it is all original except the paint. VERY little rust for now, but we don't have a garage to keep it in so it is sitting in our driveway now getting rained on.

It ran great 10 years ago. We moved from a house with a 3 car garage to one with a 2 car garage and we had it stored at my wife's Grandma's garage until about 9 months ago when we had to bring it to our house in Kennesaw.

I just put a new battery in it. It needs the 10 year old gas drained out of it and I think it should start up with minimal trouble. The engine turns fine and the transmission and clutch work fine. The front right and back left brake drums are stuck but I would expect them to be able to work free once the engine cranks and it gets moved around some. The driver's windowregulator is stripped. The blue color it was painted is over the original light green, which still shows under the hood and in the trunk. It has an aftermarket horn, visible in the pictures.

It's a V8 engine, manual 3-speed on the column, with overdrive, original radio, no AC, manual brakes and steering (serial number 63V 9092).

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Kenny Jackson, Cell: 404-379-0099

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