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Chris Brauer - Past President Black Hawk SDC

This 1962 Studebaker Lark Daytona V8 Hardtop [62V-J8] was purchased by Chris and Melanie Brauer in 1989 in California and driven back to Chicago in 4 days. It was built Friday 12/8/62 as 62V20513 and shipped to Santa Fe on 12/12/62. It was an ordered car with 259/2 barrel [180 hp] with flight-O-Matic, power steering, white walls, full transistor radio, ermine white exterior and red & white vinyl interior, for $3,165 new.

The Brauer’s Daytona is one of 8,000 hardtops made in 1962, of which 3500 were designated Daytonas. The car left South Bend shortly before the 4-week strike of 1962. There were 90,000 units made that last profitable model year. Brooks Stevens did the design work in a record 8 weeks after designing the GT Hawk. Chris returned the car to South Bend in May, 1991, 29 years after it left, and toured what was left of the factory site. The car has appeared in the 2/92 issue of Turning Wheels, the SDC National magazine, and is a regular visitor to the Illinois Railway Museum Transportation Extravaganza, the first Sunday in August each year. Chris will answer Studebaker questions if faxed at 773-205-1954.

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