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Dean and Linda Kinzer - Members of Black Hawk SDC

Dean & Linda Kinzer's 1951 Land Cruier

The Kinzer's 1951 Land Cruiser is a 4 door with V8 automatic transmission and painted Shenandoah green.

This car was purchased new from Lauterback sales in Cedarburg, Wisconsin by Anton Simonsen, Sr. Lauterback was a Ford dealership that changed over to Studebaker in 1949. The Lauterback building is now the Cedarburg Municipal building. Anton quit driving back in 1972 and the car was stored until 1980 when their son, Anton Simonsen, Jr. spent 3 years doing a complete restoration. This part

of the car's history was written in the October 1984 Turning Wheels.

Of note during theKinzers' ownership was the July 1996 use of the car in driving too and from the 32nd International meet at the Queen Mary. Historic Route 66 was used exclusively during the adventure, a portion of which was written in the November 1996 Turning Wheels.

The car has won numerous trophies for both families.

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