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This is our 1953 Commander Land Cruiser. This was the top of the line for Studebaker in 1953. The Land cruiser had a longer wheel base than the other four doors which gave it a lot more room in the rear seat. Options are , 232 V-8, automatic transmission, heater ,defroster ,radio ,full wheel covers , white walls , and a very plush interior. They made 15,981 in 1953 (as to 6,383 in 1954 ). 

We got the car in 1991 from our son (Scott) who was restoring it for one of his customers who decided not to pay his bill. He couldn't sell it so it was donated to us.

The Car as it originally was

 The Land Cruiser was originally from Texas, and is a very solid car. In the winter of 1991 we took the car down to our sons (Ed) house in Florida to restore. With his help we rebuilt the motor, transmission, brakes, and

steering. While that was happening we went to work on the body and frame. The Land Cruiser was originally white then painted yellow, we picked "Manchester maroon" for a color. The interior was cooked from the sun (with age) so we found a material like the original a with a lot of sewing made a interior. The completion took about a year. With a lot of help from our son (Ed) it was done in time to make the 1992 nationals in Nashville. The first time out and it took a first place. The following year it took a second place in the seniors division. Its fun to drive and always catches a lot of eyes.

The Restoration Begins

The Final Product

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