The '56 President Pinehurst Wagon

Mark van Deventer -  
President Black Hawk Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club 1998 - 2002

After Rebecca was born in 1994 it was time to pay tribute to the car that I grew up in, so I bought Dave Reid's 1956 Station Wagon. In Studebaker years the restoration was quick taking a little under a year. The black and white Champion Pelham (nicknamed Heifer) was transformed into a beautiful blue President Pinehurst Wagon - with all the trimmings and the V8 power.   I got the inspiration for the color scheme from a junked wagon lying in the weeds on Mulberry Pride farms.  I bought a lot of the trim and the body tags from this wagon, she was also a 3 speed with manual transmission, so my Champion assumed the persona of this beautiful wagon in the weeds. Bob Kapteyn of Joliet Studebaker also has a passion for the '56's and had collected a lot of parts for his own vehicles, he was able to supply all of the NOS President chrome and moldings that the donor parts car could not provide. The only item Bob wouldn't part with was the '56 President steering wheel.



The "Before" photo Dave Reid at the wheel
of the Heifer
The '56 President Wagon with the '54 Commander Coupe in tow
Rebecca and I at the Kane County Fairground Show
sponsored by the Model A Club, September 8th 1996.
The "After" photo at South Bend 1997



Two of the cars made it to South Bend for the Nationals,
here are the "Official Pictures"
'56 Wagon in front of Tippacanoe Place 
for the official photo shoot.
The '56 Wagon got a 3rd place trophy
losing points for non original wheels and interior
A local South Bend TV Station interviewed the family
at the Nationals in '97


The Nationals in Madison 
June 19, 2000
September 2000 at
Naperville's "Last Fling"
September 2001 at
Naperville's "Last Fling"

South Bend Nationals June 2002

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