The '58 Provincial Wagon

Mark van Deventer -  
President Black Hawk Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club 1998 - 2002

On Saturday October 20th 2001, the first of the Zimbabwe  wagons came home to Naperville.   I got a call from Scott Stastny (Deluxe Autowerks) late in the week that the '58 Provincial Wagon was ready for collection.  Mechanically she has been rebuilt from front to back, the list of things done reads like a complete mechanical restoration.

58WagonFront.jpg 58WagonFront2.jpg 58WagonLeftRear.jpg 58WagonLeftSide.jpg
58WagonRear.jpg 58WagonRightFront.jpg 58WagonRightRear.jpg 58WagonRightSide.jpg

There are a few things left that will take some time to find and fix ... mainly the creative wiring that has been done over the years.  The turn signals and lights are intermittent and looking at the splices in the wires you can see why.  She smokes but the oil pressure is great so we hope that it is just from sitting for so long, the 3 speed OD trans has a floorshift (my dad loved the conversion) and glides smoothly.

When she came home she was filled with "stuff".  My brother, Andrew, had sent me his collection of hubcaps that he had collected over the years and those now hang on my garage wall.  There were various other parts left over from the car, I went through them and threw away the junk and put the other usable parts to one side.  A decent carpet was also amongst the stuff so after a good wash and vacuum I reinstalled them, amazing the difference a carpet makes on the floor!  

So all that is left now is to replace the rubber on all the doors and windows, some minor body work and replace a few pieces of cracked glass.  All it takes is time and money ....

South Bend Nationals June 2002

The Quigleys from Melbourne Australia drove the '58 Wagon to the nationals, here are the pictures

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