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Some other Studebakers that the Stastny's have owned

I was going through some pictures and came across a picture of on of my first Stude. It is a 1963 Daytona. This picture was taken back in 1976 at the national meet on the Indianapolis Speedway. I bought the car from down in Chicago in the spring of 1975. I was a cheep and rusty car. I had to put floors in (one of my earlier attempts) and front fenders on. Since many thing were very cheep back then, I put on new bumpers (with guards and ends) light lenses and other misc. trim. It had a 289 2bbl(I made into a 4 bbl), 3.31 Dana 44,Power steering, power drum brakes, auto-radio, clock and fabric inserts in the seats.

As all Studes the suspension was wiped out. New rear springs (station wagon+ extra) new front springs (62 t-bird, they are rated 500lbs heavier) Kingpins, bushings, shocks, etc. etc. I was great to drive. All my friends were driving Nova's, Camaro's, etc. It wasn't the fastest but could run down any small block "B" body Chrysler (well not a 340) or any 307 or smaller GM. The tires were 14's, 70's in the front, and 60's in the rear (it got it down to the ground). The car kept rusting away and when I got my 63 Avanti I stopped driving it. I finally sold it and the car still sits in a barn. From sitting so long it is only a parts car, but is still great to remember driving.

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