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The "Inca" '57 Parkview Wagon

Here is the Story behind Scott's Wagon

This is my 1957 Studebaker Parkveiw 2dr. station wagon. It has a 259 c.i. v-8, 3speed manual transmission with overdrive, heater & defroster, radio, & chrome full wheel covers. The mileage is 61,00 ,and as you can see it is a very interesting color (called) " Inca". It's a 1957 spring color only. The interior is "Glenwood green & Turquoise". The Parkview was the commander series and production was only 730, this one is #686. When it was built it was sent to California (Los Angles area). I haven't found out if the original owner had ordered the car or not. The original owner (a woman) drove the car daily until 1967. At that time it was parked in a garage (she parked it because she had bought a new 1966 station wagon). Time past (now 1997) and the owner had pasted away. Her nephew was to handle the estate and sell the Studebaker. I saw an ad for the car at that time and put a bid in on it, I didn't bid enough but found out that the car was coming to Illinois..

Well this was good because I thought I could track the car down. Late in 1999 after telling one of the other club members (Mark owns a 1956 wagon) that I was looking for a 1957 station wagon I received a call. Mark had said that he had seen a 57' wagon on E-bay and gave me the phone number of the owner. I played phone tag with the owner for about two weeks and then was finally able to talk to him on a Saturday night. The owner started to describe where the car had come from. This was starting to sound too strange. I only had two questions for him" Is this car yellow?" "Does this car have a two tone green interior?" Well I finally found my wagon. After bringing it to my shop that night it only need a fuel pump to be put on and was running. With a lot of cleaning and pushing out dents and some maintenance work its great to drive. Trust me this is one of those "Major fun cars" to drive. Nobody knows what it is.

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ScottS1.jpg 57Parkview.jpg
ScottS2.jpg rear57park.jpg



Repairing bent fender

57parkdoors8.jpg uncoverrearfloor.jpg
rear floor
left front

Start of floor
Cut out rear

patch panel

Cut out 
left front

Front right floor

Repaired  floor

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