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1933 Pierce-Arrow 836 Club Brougham

1933 Pierce Arrow
836 Club Broughham


The latest addition to my collection is a 1933 Pierce-Arrow 836 Club Brougham. If you look at the body design you will see that it is the same as the Studebaker St. Regis Brougham. Some of the differences are, this body has very little wood and it is much bigger. The car has an "8" cylinder of 366 cu (the 8 in the model number) and it sits on a 136 inch wheel base (the 36 in the model number).

If you are not up on the history of Pierce- Arrow and Studebaker, Studebaker bought the controlling stock of Pierce-Arrow in 1929. Studebaker put much money into Pierce to try and "modernize" the company. The Pierce engines were (for those years) cast in South Bend on the President engine line. Pierce was a company that "Prided" it self on "Making the Best". It has been written that the President engines were cast for "X" amount of days and then the line was shut down and changed over to run Pierce engines. Pierce would have as many "Quality Inspectors" on the line, as Studebaker had people to run the line. 

Anyway this was NOT a marriage made in heaven, more like in hell. When Studebaker was going into receivership in late 1933, the "Board members" and some wealthy Buffalo business owners bought back Pierce-Arrow from Studebaker. They were back on their own. 

I had joined the Pierce- Arrow club, and was looking for a car. Surfing the "web" I found an Ad for a 1933 P-A. It was listed in N.S. Where is N.S.?  OH NO!!!!!   Nova Scotia! Well after "e" mailing the owner I got a flight to go see "her". She is a very "original" car with a paint job (listed as a frame off car). The bodywork and paintwork had been done well. The rest was original, like the interior, wiring, and chassis. It has 990,000 miles on it. After a tune-up and some carb work, it runs great. I think I'm the third owner (going to look into it more).

She has been out of the country for a long time. Some of the interesting features of the car is; 1st year for hydraulic lifters (P-A held the patents) with a full flow oil filter and oiling, 1st year for automatic choke, A worm drive rear axle (no ring and pinion), Power Brakes (made buy Stewart-Warner) with the "two" brake shoe system, radio, back-up light, free wheeling, and the removal of most of the wood in the body.

A fellow member Jay Crites and I went for a 2500-mile ride + 22 hr ferry ride to bring her back home. She needs a lot of "maintains" work but should be great having on the road for next (02) summer!

Strange I never have had so many people stop by my house, until I park the Pierce out in the driveway

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