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The Plainest of the Plain
1963 Standard with ZERO Options

This car is so plain that items were actually intentionally deleted
It is called "Reverse Ego" - Mine has less then yours

This is a 1963 Studebaker Standard 2 Dr sedan. I have owned it since 1995.

 Some back ground on this car is as follows; 
169.5 ci 6 cylinder 
Std. 3 speed manual transmission

Options - NONE
Radio delete 
Heater delete 
No power steering 
No power brakes 
No carpeting
No back up lights,
No dome light
No glove box
1 arm rest
Priced originally at $1935.00
Curb weight 2610 Lbs.

I'm the third owner. The car was originally purchased in southern Florida and was owned by the original owners for many years. They finally got to the age were they could not drive. The car then sat for many years, and then went to their daughter and son-in-law. They kept it for only a couple of years, making no repairs and decided to sell it. The son-in-law worked with my brother, and asked if he (my brother) would be interested in purchasing it, he wasn't. Knowing that I have always had a soft spot for 63's, my brother asked if I would be interested in it. I gave the owners a bid (one that they weren't happy with) and waited 2 years. Two years later she made a trip to Illinois. I have always wanted to make a "Super lark" and this was the perfect choice. It has a very solid body shell' and very clean frame. Into storage it went to be worked on later. Four years later I peaked at it in storage and decided to start driving it the way it was "for fun". This last year has ~ ~been great because nobody can believe that one of these fully option cars still exist. One day I'll make A "Super lark", until then, I'll be driving with "Options None".

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