Yard #1

Panoramic Yard View

This is a yard located near my hometown. As you can see it has quite a few Studes in it. While I was walking around this yard I was like a kid in a candy store.  I wanted everything, but could have nothing. Starting on the left in this picture (from what I remember)
A:1959 Lark Regal 2-door Station Wagon - A rare bird to be sure! The engine & hood were missing, but as I remember. I took a little closer picture here . It's in pretty good condition and would make a nice car hauler! The doors as well as a pretty good set of seat springs were salvageable.
B. 1957 4-door - I can't remember the model, but the winshield & most glass were there as well as some very nice trim pieces. Take a look at this picture to get a better view.
C. 1956 President - One of my favorite cars. Click here to see a restored version by one of our members.  As you can see this car has most of it's chrom in very good condition. The class is there as well as some salvageable body pieces. The trunk lid is not open, it's bent.
D. 1951 Champion 2-dr Sedan - VERY RUSTY, but serviceable. Headlight rims are gone, but winshield, hood ornament, front hood scripts & wipers are there and in good condition.
E. &  F. 2-1952 4 dr Champion(s) - Both have engines and are in pretty good condition, but F is just a little more solid. F is almost all complete.
G. 1949 4 dr Champion - This one wasn't in great shape, body-wise, but it was complete. It even had a shifter knob & winsheild wiper knob. As with the other cars, the glass was in pretty good condition, one of the panes on the front glass was starting to separate, but other than that it was pretty good.
H. 1950 4 dr Champion - Mostly Complete, but rusty. Winshield & running gear there, but motor VERY rusty.
I. 1954 Connestoga Wagon - You can't see it this picture, so I took a few more and put it on it's own page.  Click here to go there.
J. 1947 2 dr. - This one is not in great shape, as you can tell by the Brand "X" sitting on top of it.  The chrome is salvageable as well as a few of the (ahem!) lower parts.
k. 1955 Champion 2 dr - Nice, but incomplete. The grille is pitted, but not cracked. The glass is missing everywhere except for one door. The steering gear is also gone.  But, the major body panels are mostly salvageable, with only minor surface rust.

On the next page I've got a couple of cars that were on the side of the path that led to the Studebaker area.  

Continued . . .

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