Lark (1959-1966)

1963 Cruiser

Yes, I know. A Cruiser is technically not a lark, but I will put it here nonetheless. I have decided (since it's my page), to put this project on it's own page, along with it's in-progress story. Click HERE to go there.
If anyone is interested, I have spent a large amount of time researching colors for 1963 Studebakers and have applied a few of them to various pieces of sheet metal. I would be happy to pass along that information.
-David Groth

(As purchased)
(at car show)

1960 Lark Regal DeLuxe

Here is a picture of my first car (at the Valley Vintage Car Show, in Fargo). Dad & I found it in northern MN when I was in high school. I was excited because I needed a car! It had a V-8, which was cool for a teenager. It only had 25K miles on it when we bought it. It was also in excellent condition, needing only minor cosmetic repairs (rusty rockert panels). You'll notice that it is a different color than before. That was because I din't think it was too cool to have a green car (too dull).  Dad & I painted it with a very bright Studebaker yellow (I don't remember the year of the color, just that it was VERY bright). I used to cruise to school in this car, and race it (shhh. Don't tell anyone :) ). This car has taken 2nd place at a Roughrider meet (in the AFTER condition :) ).
-David Groth

1960 Lark Regal DeLuxe

This car belongs to member Emmanuel Kesler, husband to our Secretary/Treasurer, Angie Kesler, and quite the Studebaker enthusiast. In addition, Emmanuel is currently working on a C-Cab 1/2 ton pickup (1956-58?). The car is immaculate inside & out. It has a 259 V-8 w/ 3 spd & OD. I will give more info as I get it from Emmanuel.


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