3/4/97 - In preparation for spraying, I cleaning every surface of theengine compartment 3 times.  1st with water, then with laquer thinner,then with a tack rag. I then Mixed Rose Mist enamel with the acrylic urethaneadditive and prepared to spray. With the hardner, the enamel shines likenothing else.
3/5/97 - Checked my paint job. Not bad. 1 small run (I'll wait 'tilit dries, then sand it out and re-spray).
6/18/97 - Have done quite a bit of work since I last edited this page. I now have the fenders on the car as well as primered. I have finished the major body work. I am starting to work on the doors, but I found out that the driver's side door doesn't fit (I believe it's because I thought a '62 door would fit on the '63. No dice. I'm going to try the '63 door later. I sprayed the trunk last week with Rose Mist enamel. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can't wait to get the rest of the car looking like this. I do have a problem getting the trunk lid to fit correctly. I believe that's because it's out of adjustment since the new trunklid is from a different car.

I received a gasket set from Gary Olson of Olson Studebaker in Fargo. All I need to do now is get the bearings and I can put the engine together. I am itching to get this car RUNNING!! I hope to have it ready for the '99 nationals in S.D. During the slow periods, I have polished all the stainless steel and have it in my garage at home and on a card table in our den. The wife has been very supportive of this (can't do it with out the wives, right?).


If you have comments or suggestions, email me at dgroth@corpcomm.net

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